Maharashtra State Nandurbar District Police Nandurbar Police

Shri. Jageshwar S. Saharia

Mr. Sanjay Patil

District Supredent of Police

Tenant & Servant Verification

Servant Verification

• Always check the details of the person who has introduced/referred the servant to you.

• Ask for the name, address and telephone number of servant’s relatives and previous place of work.

• Obtain two references before employing a servant.

• Keep photograph & finger prints of your servant.

• Keep an eye on the visitors of your servant.

• Contact your Beat Constable or Police Station for servant verification.

Tenant Verification

• Always check the antecedents of the person who intend to take on rent your property.

• Before you rent your property be careful and ensure the bonafides of the tenant and verify their particulars.

• Contact your Beat Constable or Police Station for tenant verification.

• Owners of any house/property in specified areas of Delhi should furnish particulars of the tenant(s) to the area SHO/Police Station as per orders issued u/s 144 Cr.P.C. Any person who intends to take accommodation on rent as well as property dealers offering such accommodation have to inform in writing in this regard to the area SHO/Police Station.